Thursday, February 17, 2005


Here are some of the recommendations made by the researchers at the Rand Corporation, a major think tank concerned mainly with the US security issues, on how to deal with Islamic trends deemed as threatening to the US interests.

"Support the modernists first, enhancing their vision of Islam over that of the traditionalists by providing them with a broad platform to
articulate and disseminate their views. They, not the traditionalists, should be
cultivated and publicly presented as the face of contemporary Islam.
. Support the secularists on a case-by-case basis.
. Encourage secular civic and cultural institutions and programs.
. Back the traditionalists enough to keep them viable against the
. Identify appropriate modernist scholars to manage a Web site that answers questions related to daily conduct and offers modernist Islamic legal opinions.
. Encourage modernist scholars to write textbooks and develop curricula.
. Publish introductory books at subsidized rates to make them as available as the tractates of fundamentalist authors.
. Use popular regional media, such as radio, to introduce the thoughts
and practices of modernist Muslims to broaden the international view of what
Islam means and can mean."

(Benard, Cheryl, Civil Democratic Islam,partners, resources and strategies, pp. 47-8, available at

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